Story of a insomniac

She was a simple girl, who had a long black hair which suited well with her lotus shaped eyes, a warm smile always on face no matter how hard life goes.

A girl who could win anyone’s heart by her internal and external beauty, she had a perfect life in all terms but one thing which trouble her all the time was sleep! 

Life was becoming hard just for the fact that she was suffering from insomnia, she had this problem from childhood but it never bothered her as much as it bothers now, she was the topper of the class just because of this problem, yes you read that right!!! Everyday she used to study at night just to pass the time until she feels sleepy, she was not a bookworm, she developed many habits like painting, microart with crayons which she loved the most, everything was good when she had no stress but only insomnia.

Things changed after graduation, stress, assignments, friends, a guy…..wait for the second episode.

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Hello beautiful people,

The strongest souls are the one who didn’t give up during the worst situations of life, if you are going through any difficult time don’t you worry its just temporary and believe me, there will always be a beautiful sight to see after a tough climb.

My free counselling sessions will help you to walk through that tough journey with ease. Feel free to share your issues which might also help others, going through the same path.

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